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This page links to some of my recent scratchbuilding projects which have enabled me to put my further develop my modeling skills. To read more about each project, click on the project name.

Building a Background Model from a Photographic Image: A Tutorial

This tutorial accompanies the article Modelling Structures in Card, which was published in an abridged form in the ETE Express, No. 112, 4th Quarter, 2006

Below are step-by-step illustrated instructions for scratchbuilding a half-relief background model based on an image on the Busch CD. Busch’s CDs of background images contain a large number of diverse structures just begging to be turned into background, or with other enhancements, into foreground structures.

Modelling Structures in Card

An abridged version of this article was originally published in the ETE Express, No. 112, 4th Quarter, 2006.

Card, defined here as heavier weight paper and various cardboards, has a long tradition in modeling in Germany and Eastern Europe, especially Poland. While plastic kits and scratchbuilding supplies are dominant, card can hold its own against these and provides some great opportunities for creating unique models. This article describes the authors adventures from working with kits to scratchbuilding and includes a tutorial on building a background model based on a photographic image.

Bergbau-Grill, Bochum

This project creates a background model of the Bergbau-Grill which is next to the subway stop opposite the Bergbaumuseum in Bochum. A review of the museum (VERY well worth the trip) and mention of the Bergbau-Grill are available here. Up the embankment on the left and behind are railroad tracks used for freight...

Buchbinderei: Adding a bookbindery to Papphausen

My most recent project in which I preserved the essence of a bookbindery located under rthe S-Bahn tracks in Berlin. As with many of my projects, this made use of a photographic image, but unlike most others I went all-in and detailed the interior with bookbinding equipment. Still some to do, but for now I'm very happy with the results. This project also completes the renewal of this section of the layout.

N-Scale Module Project

Module project for the Central New York Chapter of European Train Enthusiasts. The module is based on the Bend Track specification. All structures and bridges will be made of card, either scratchbuilt as in the case of the bridges, or kitbashed as in the case of some the structures, the others being scratchbuilt.

A New Hauptbahnhof

In late 2005 I made the decision to replace my Faller "Bonn" station with one of my own making. The architectural style is derived from several of those in the industrial Ruhr Valley with its factories, coal mines, and refineries... The stations in these towns, many of them at least, were built during the early-mid 1930's mainly of brick. The design is very simple and angular lending itself well to scratchbuilding. Many of the details such as windows and brickwork were actually derived from the station in Duisburg.

50's – 70's Plattenbau* Style Apartment Block

The structure is modeled on the prefab plattenbau ubiquitous throughout Europe with business spaces on the ground floor and residential and office spaces on the upper floors. *Also referred to bitingly as "Trümmerbarock" (Rubble baroque).

Cable Stay Bridge

To span the freight yard on the layout I needed to scratchbuild a bridge and in looking at numerous bridge designs opted for the cable stay bridge which is very common in Europe and elegant.

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