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Märklin and Related Services


Structures & Landscaping

Model Railroad Dealers with AC Stock

Local Syracuse, NY Area Vendors


  • Great Event Tours: For those who would rather see the real thing there's Carsten Ramcke's rail-fanning tour company. See the best locations and events led by an expert guide.

Modeling, Kit-bashing, and Weathering

  • Dr. Dirt's Weathering Tutorial: Written by Dr. Dirt, aka Kevin Brady.
  • Modellbahnfrokler: Kitbashing and other detailing...
  • Weather System: This weathering powder will adhere to any non-glossy surface. It is made from real rust and other weathering agents that have been ball milled to a particle size over 100 times finer than chalk and blended with a pressure sensitive, dry adhesive. Self adhesive to most surfaces. Nonmagnetic and Nontoxic.
  • Modelling and kitbashing.

Card Modeling Links:

Schreiber-Bogen Tutorials: Tips on tools and technique in English including videos.

  • Kartonmodellbau: Examples of models and scale drawings for card modelling numerous German railroad and other structures.
  • Clever Bros. Models: Use computer design and digital photography to duplicate any structure - real or imagined, in any scale. Their model kits use a special high strength, card stock. Our kits are cut and folded by the hobbyist into beautiful three-dimensional miniatures.The texture sheets are printed on high quality, self-adhesive paper. In the future, we hope to make our models even better by introducing Laser cut small parts and embossing the texture sheets.
  • Fiddlersgreen: World's largest collection of paper models.:
  • Iceberg: Paper models
  • Joswood: Der Modellbauer im Bergischen Land. High quality laser cut card models for northern German scenes and more.
  • Jowi / Modellbahn Hintergrund: Background and background model CDs for printing on card... Features industrial scenes, modern architecture, and the more traditional. Great for kitbashing with too.
  • Kartonbau-Forum: German language (primarily) for card modellers.
  • Mitteldeutscher Kartonmodell-Verlag: Lots of DDR based kits including structures and Trabis...
  • Moebo-exclusive: Laser-cut card models with the Ruhr as the prototype.
  • Paper Model Store: Card models from throughout the world.
  • Downloadable paper models of all types, with links to more. In German.
  • Perceptions - The Paper Train Factory: Chapter member Ed Schulman's passion. Precision scale paper model train kits. This growing list of kits represents unique trains from around the world. Take a few nights off - relax - play - dream, and build your own collection of train models.
  • UK prototype card models many of which would be suitable on any Eurolayout. Models are scaled to 00, and delivered as PDF files. Print at 87% from Acrobat for H0.
  • SCHREIBER-BOGEN im INTERNET: Paper models suitable for layouts. In German.
  • Stipp: Paper models suitable for layouts. In German.
  • Super Quick: Card model building kits from the UK for 00 and H0 model railway layouts.
  • TGVweb: Build your own TGV from paper kits.
  • Wordsworth Model Railway: Downloadable (pdf compressed as .rar) kits that are 00 UK outline but can be adapted. Print at 87% from Acrobat for H0.

Prototype Images


Club and Public Layouts

Personal Homepages

  • Piet Brijs - Homepage
  • Eisenbahntraum: Private digital Märklin H0 model railroad with many pictures, a train-database, amusement park, and more. In German.
  • EISENBAHNWELTEN im Maßstab 1:1 und 1:160
  • Epoche II
  • Extrem Teppichbahning: Layout construction at it's most basic level... See also "Naked Märklin" below.
  • Stahlbahn: Frank Forsten's era IV layout focuses on a steel mill and the operation of the associated industrial railroad. There is a DB mainline, used to run some DB (passenger) trains. Something to emulate.
  • Grown men DO play with toy trains! Carsten Ramcke's layout, the Carstenbahn.
  • Modellbahnlächeln: Peter Holbecks layout with great resources for creating unique models out of all matter or common materials. In German.
  • Mühlenroda: Armin Mühl's excellent era 4 DR modular layout set in Mühlenroda, a small town in Thuringia near the BRD/DDR border. The modular layout is based on FREMO.
  • Naked Märklin!: Not what you think, but fun to look at. It's how almost all of us started. See also "Extrem Teppichbahning" above.
  • Prokhorovsk: Chris White of Red Star Railways' layout of Prokhorovsk, Russia. Featured in Model Railroader.
  • Project Waldberg: Huib Maaskant's impressive model railroad site and layout.

Publications: Print and Online

Lists & Web Rings

  • Die Drehscheibe: Discussion groups,, classifieds, train-spotting and more. In German.
  • New Railway Modellers Forum: English (UK) centric discussion board.
  • Railways of Germany: An English speaking forum about the railways of Germany.
  • RMweb: The UK's liveliest railway modelling forum. Latest information and news, member's layouts and work bench projects, prototype information and a social area.
  • Stummi´s Modellbahnforum: Discussion group for all makes and scales, but primarily Märklin/AC focus. In German.
  • WorldRailFans: English language discussion board for railways the world over.

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