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Bergbau-Grill, Bochum

This project creates a background model of the Bergbau-Grill which is next to the subway stop opposite the Bergbaumuseum in Bochum. A review of the museum (VERY well worth the trip) and mention of the Bergbau-Grill are available here. Up the embankment on the left and behind are railroad tracks used for freight...

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Below more recently via Google Maps Streetview. Looks all shuttered up...

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The photograph was cut out and cleaned up in Photoshop, then rescaled. Details such as the trash can, vending machine, signs... were copied and laid out on the same sheet as the main facade several times. After printing out it was backed with a repositional 3M mounting adhesive and then cut out. Door and display window were cut out before the facade was adhered to mat board. After rubbing down, the mat board in the area of door and display window were cut out and the cut edges sanded smooth and toned down. Door and display window were then adhered to card and then trimmed slightly larger before gluing into place. Raised elements were cut out from the extras, mounted on mat board, trimmed out, toned and then glued into place... Sides, back, and roof were made out of mat board and card, glued together, painted, weathered... A nice exercise in modeling an actual prototype. As an alternative to painting the other three sides, try out some of the pattern sheets in Scalescenes' "Scratchbuilder's Yard."

Complete instructions for building a model using this technique can be found at here.

Due to numerous requests, I have made the high resolution PDF file available for download in H0, N, and Z. Make sure to print at 100% (no scaling) to avoid reducing size from optimal. In return, I would be delighted if you would share a picture of the Bergbau-Grill on your layout.

Download the Bergbau-Grill
High-resolution PDF [1.4MB]

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And what would you eat at the Bergbau-Grill? Ist doch klar... 'ne Currywurst.
For non-German speakers, now (1/30/11) a story from the New York Times
with video here.

By Herbert Grönemeyer
German “Pop star”

gehse inne stadt
wat macht dich da satt
'ne currywurst

kommse vonne schicht
wat schönret gibt et nich
als wie currywurst ...

When you’re going into town
what fills you up
a currywurst

When you’re coming off your shift
there’s nothing more beautiful
than currywurst...

See das Wörterbuch der Ruhrgebietssprache to learn more about the dialect. Knowing German helps. ;-)

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