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Bibliographies of Reference Works

These bibliographies can form the foundation for learning about the many facets of the book arts and building ones own reference library. The bookbinding bibliography represents a portion of the personal library of Peter D. Verheyen, and includes over 240 titles. I hope that other subjects can be added under their own headings, including reference books / glossaries, conservation and preservation, book arts exhibition catalogs, ...

While there is a tremendous wealth of information on the Web, much more (often the most authoritative) is available only in print. Journal articles can be gotten through inter-library loan, and books can be found at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, through various antiquarian dealers via Bookfinder, or on eBay.

  • Bookbinding: Compiled by Peter Verheyen. Updated: 12/26/2014
  • Conservation and Bookbinding: Compiled by Donia Conn.
  • Select Bibliography of Endbands: Compiled by Donia Conn and Peter Verheyen.
  • Library of the Queensland (AU) Bookbinders: Annotated reference library. Subject areas include: General Bookbinding, Conservation, Marbling and Decorative Paper Techniques, History and Journal Articles, Printing and Typography, Exhibition and Supply Catalogues, Journals and Newsletters, Australian Publications and Conference Proceedings, Samples of Binding Styles.
  • Marbling: Compiled by Delores Guffy. Last modified in June of 1997.
  • Papermaking and Paper Arts: From, last modified 1997.
  • Teaching Children Bookbinding: A Pathfinder for Educators: Created specifically for the virtual library at Northwest Indian College (NWIC) so exlusively sources that are available for free on the Internet are included. Additionally, searches were confined to sites that would be relevant and useful to the K-8 pre-service teachers in the Oksale Native Teacher Preparation Program at NWIC.
  • Typography: From, last modified 1997.

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