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Flag Book Bind-O-Rama Entry Guidelines

Initiated in 2004, the Bind-O-Rama challenge and online exhibition has become an annual event.
The 2006 Bind-O-Rama will celebrate the Flag Book structure.

The foundation of the deceptively simple Flag Book structure is an accordion folded spine. Rows of flags attached to opposing sides of each of the spine’s “mountain” folds allow the artist to fragment and layer a number of complementary or contrasting images and narratives. When read page by page, the viewer sees disjointed fragments of image and text. When the spine is pulled fully open, these fragments assemble a panoramic spread. This transformation is accompanied by a delightful flapping sound. The spine and covers provide opportunities for additional imagery.

Book artist and conservator Hedi Kyle created the first flag book, April Diary, in 1979. Susan King’s classic 1983 Women and Cars layers autobiographical narrative, vintage photographs, and literary quotes. The book functions as a traditional codex, a sculpture and a puzzle. Links to these and other examples follow below.

The Challenge:

Many flag books do not take full advantage of the structure. The opportunity for a sophisticated layering of imagery on numerous surfaces is too often declined up in favor of hastily attaching collected bits of text or images to a concertina. The structure also provides opportunities for experimentation with shape and color.


A tutorial providing step-by-step instructions was recently published in the Bonefolder, Vol 2, No. 1, Fall, 2005 as PDF. Links to other examples are listed below.

Entry & Submission Information:

Two digital images (640 x 480 pixels @ 72dpi, jpg file format) of your flag book:

Images must show:

  • · The book pulled fully open to reveal the panoramic spread

  • · A detail to show text and/or imagery on another surface of the book

  • Files should be named as binder's name-1.jpg... (e.g. verheyen-1.jpg, verheyen-2.jpg)
  • Images must meet these guidelines to be accepted, and be of good quality.
  • A very brief description including:
    · Binder's Name
    · Location (City, Country)
    · Description of design (including materials and printing method)
    · Dimensions (Height x Width x Thickness) in CENTIMETERS
    · Instructor / Where learned
    · All information must be included to be accepted

Maximum Number of Entries:

  • Two
  • Based on response, we reserve the right to curate/jury the exhibit to fit available space.

Entry Fee:

  • NONE - This is for the greater glory of the Flag Book

Entry Deadline:

  • September 15, 2006

To Enter:

  • For more information, or to send images and description contact:
  • Entries will be compiled into an online catalog, which will be viewable here on the Book Arts Web as well as in the Bonefolder.

Links to Other Examples:

  • The first flag book, Hedi Kyle’s April Diary is pictured online at Richard Minsky's site
  • PDFs of two flag books, Susan King’s Women and Cars and Ann Lovett’s Relation, are accessible online by searching the archive of Women’s Studio Workshop. Relation is still in print, and is available via this website.
  • Julie Chen’s letterpress printed Listening has only two rows of flags and the text appears only on the spine.
  • Emily Martin’s Away
  • Susan King’s Women and Cars and other classic artists’ books are discussed in detail in:
    Renee R. Hubert and Judd D. Hubert (1998). The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books, New York, NY: Granary Books.
  • The Oregon Book Arts Guild held a flag book exhibition in 2002. The catalog is a flag book, and has small color photos of the more than 50 flag books in the show. Catalogs are still available for $10 from Patricia Grass, 1928 21st Ave., Forest Grove, OR 97116.
  • Karen Hanmer has several flag books pictured on her website.

 link to Bonefolder Extras & link to Bonefolder


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