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Typography, Book Design, Page Design, Layout
theoretical and practical works

For further typographic examples, see Artistic Works and Concrete & Visual Poetry, Calligrams; for other practical advice relating to book design, see Book Arts & Artists' Books.

Readers finding information or entertainment here may also wish to read Emily-Jane's essay on the Book Arts.


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    (page images, Making of America)
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    Includes an excellent bibliography with primary and secondary sources in various schools of modern art, including surrealism and dada.
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  • Graphic design & reading : explorations of an uneasy relationship, edited by Gunnar Swanson. New York : Allworth Press, 2000. *
    A collection of essays. Of particular note are: Colette Gaiter's "Reading photographs," a photo essay exploring the relationships between text and image; David Small's "Rethinking the book," a discussion of the Talmud Project; and Paul Elliman's "E pluribus unum," on the magical significance of letters, palindromes, and the letter "e."
    The book's table of contents and introduction, "re:word," by Gunnar Swanson are available in full text online. (Gunnar Swanson)
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    A beautifully presented discussion of research into the readability of print in information publishing. Lavishly illustrated with pictures, tables, and examples. Includes a glossary and bibliography.
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*  Asterisks mark items Emily-Jane considers to be especially interesting, useful, or well-written.

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