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Book Arts



Concrete Poetry






Artistic Works
texts, artworks, artists, fine presses, and criticism

See also Concrete & Visual Poetry, Calligrams for works on poetry; Literary Works, Surrealism, and Future of Books for other literary works; Comix for comics and graphic novels; Cinema for film; and History of Books & Bookmaking for early European manuscripts and manuscript books.

Emily-Jane's essay on the Book Arts is supported by this bibliography, and readers who find themselves here may wish to visit it as well.


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    This beautiful memoir/bibliography details Smith's work in the book format from 1967-2000. Each entry is annotated with illustrations, descriptions, and explanations. The book ends with a reference section, which includes notes, a chronology, an index of personal names mentioned in the book, a list of Smith's published books, a list of his textbooks and their editions, and indexes of picture books, "no-picture" books, conceptual books, books of poetry, collaborative books and books with variable readings.
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*  Asterisks mark items Emily-Jane considers to be especially interesting, useful, or well-written.

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