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General questions and comments are best sent using the form below. We are open to submissions of bookworks for possible inclusion in the GALLERY or URL's of bookarts related sites. Citations related to the bookarts not appearing in READ or BookBlock are of course apprecitated. Be sure to read our Fair Use Policy before sending any materials. Please let us know of any viewing problems.

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Fair Use Policy

The book arts home page is conceived of as an electronic resource directory connecting those producing, writing about and/or interested in artist's books on the world wide web. All materials sent to us for electronic re-print on the web must include a signed release statement before it can be published on the home page. Please know we will make every effort possible to present the materials submitted as accurately as possible, however, the University of Idaho and it's assigns assume no legal resonsibilty for how the work appears on the web, nor can it be held accountable for any perceived damages that may occur as a result of third party (mis)use. Copying or redistribution of any portion of the homepage or it's contents in any form other than for academic or personal use is strictly prohibited. Your thoughtful participation is appreciated.

Only existing links and resources on these pages are being updated and the site being maintained as a sign of appreciation to the creators who helped shape the book arts on the Web from its earlies days. If you have any questions, please contact the current maintainer using the form above. Thank you.

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