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Part of the Herstory/History Series

Istoria Leonardo: Where is Leonardo? One-of-a-kind, 1991. Hand sewn binding familiar in that time, layers, college, 8.5" h x 5.5"w. A creation of an artist from an artist's creation. "A retrace and a recast- The reticular responsive recounting re-creation of the re-invention of Leonardo Da Vinci." A quote from the introduction of this visual narrative, of more than 65 layered and interfolded pages. A variety of papers and media including watercolor, gauche, collage, drawing and cord, computer, colored pencil and Leonardo's quotes and images, and reflective Mylar. Computer symbols act as the secret code revealed at the end.

Istoria Leonardo:

Where is Leonardo?

 A Labyrinthine Adventure One-of-a-kind, 1990. A female Don Quixote Donna, has a side kick Sandy. A myth, this tale is the story's parallel to the pupet show in the original The Adventures of Don Quixote. Box cover 10" h x 12.5" w x 2.5" d. Mixed media including water color and inks, college, and found objects, hand made puppets. Part 1 is the 'lost notebook' and an analyses of Cervantes' method; Part 2 is a large re-dramatization of Quixote's dilemma, a recreation of the original story, a drama puppet stage/book. There is also a flip book addendum showing the motion of the puppets, and 3 small books, a small box with tiny found objects for the puppet stage. Complex, fun and satire, intricate, colorful and unusual hand made paper by Chuck Welch.

A Labyrinthine Adventure


Scalare From the original/master created in 1990 an edition of 10, 1993. The key to female strength is in the binding, in helping each other to climb. Printed and bound from the original hand drawn images of ladders and women, by the artist. Ricoh color on acid-free pages that unfold to build many walls. Closed 7.75" w x 10.25"h. Hand sewn binding with actual key. Strong color fills the pages, and original computer generated angelfish swim everywhere, female figures climb. Other female figures dance, run, and interact. Scissors of all kinds are around. A dynamic visual narrative.



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