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The Planetary Collage Sewing Frames

The Bookbinding Machines for the Next Millennium

The Dreadnaught The Scout

  • So easy to use it will advance your sewing to new heights.
  • No rigging to fumble with, no keys to drop off.
  • The only frame you and your heirs will ever need.


  • Spring steel Anubis Clips hold sewing supports in perfect tension. Will hold cord, tape, thongs and braids.
  • Rear view mirror allows a view of what is normally hidden during sewing.
  • Infinitely adjustable page holder keeps section open for sewing, swings out of the way for adding next section.
  • Acrylic sliding fence moves into position for squaring either head or tail, then slides of of way for sewing.
  • Hardwood bar with pegs holds several spools of cord or thread
  • Stable, laminate-covered base sits firmly on the bench.
  • Horizontal steel cross bar raises and lowers with a simple movement.
  • No vertical struts in front to get in the way of sewing.
  • Lower clip set-up allows for sewing on a continuous tape or cord.
  • Ideal in classrooms: unfinished text blocks can be easily removed from the frame and re-rigged later.
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required.
  • Can be disassembled for storage or travel.
  • Dreadnaught - 24" x 15"  x 17" high. Scout - 16" x 12" x 13" high.


  • Dreadnaught - $650.00 + s/h.
  • Scout - $395.00 + s/h.

A flyer with fuller descriptions, additional models, and pricing is available in PDF format.


Timothy C. Ely, Planetary Collage
504 N. Mill St., Colfax, WA 99111

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