Stacey Kirby
Rosendale, NY

Standard Body Measurements

Four accordion books created from photo collograph prints, transfers and pattern paper; housed together in a slipcase. Each of the four volumesí lengths corresponds with a dimension of the artistís body (example: back - neck to waist 16").

"The book structure is in direct relation to my body. I determined the length of each accordion book by using my bodyís measurements. I use a realistic figure of a woman to depict myself as well as other women. The figures are unique prints with overlays of pattern paper. Each page of the book is different, just as we are all different. There is no one pattern that we fit into or that fits with our shape. Yet, we are all connected because we confront the beauty standard in our own ways."

15.5 x 40 x 9cm
Created: 2000

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