Beverly Hettig
New Berlin, NY

Lifezone Sanctuaries

Sections of cardstock connected by woven hinges allowing for open spinework; small signatures of text and images on onionskin and text-weight paper sewn with pamphlet stitch; printed using and inkjet and copier. Edition of 3.

"Books... a world to get lost in, a playful stage, adventures, and understanding of new concepts. To represent these ideas in a medium I so love is satisfying. Working with paper, fiber, text, and images to create interactive pieces of art has given me an outlet to present issues and circumstances that deserve greater awareness. The research that goes into each piece is an education above the thought the piece began with. The actual creation of a work that people will pick up and experience is peaceful - my hands swirl the pulp, a thread is drawn through a sewing station, a corner perfectly turned. Books... unlimited possibilities."

12 x 11.5 x 4cm
Created: 2000

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