The Illustrated and Published Works
of John Vassos

Highly mediocre Vassos shelfie...

This site has lain dormant for almost 18 years... Based on recent correspondences and the imminent publication of Danielle Shapiro's John Vassos: Industrial Design for Modern Life, the first biography of Vassos, I've decided it's time to refresh this site with new images that reflect the fact that we have moved beyond a 640 x 480 low-res world. Look for updates over the next few months...




Titles are arranged in chronological order and sub-divided by "Works Illustrated by John Vassos or Written and Illustrated by John and Ruth Vassos" and "Other Published Works". Each title includes a full bibliographic description including all known binding variants. This information is augmented by selected quotes from "publicity-blurbs," reviews and correspondences between the author, publishers, and reviewers from the archival collections.

Principle works by John Vassos

Other Published Works:


Updated May 10, 1997

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